The towering level of ambition is felt in both the aggressive but melodic music, the aesthetic direction of the music videos and the headbang-inviting live concerts.

As part of the concept behind the upcoming album, Hearteater's sound is explored in a slightly untraditional way. The songs that will draw the album will be mixed by different people that the band looks up to. Both Danish and foreign producers with several well-known rock, punk and metal names behind them. Among others, Sam Guiana (Obey The Brave, Silverstein, etc.) and Chris Kreutzfeldt (Cabal, Ghost Iris, etc.). However, the songs will all be mastered by Jay Moss (Defeater, Counterparts, etc.) to maintain some kind of coherence in the soundscape.

In collaboration with Last Mile Records, Hearteater is planning to release a series of singles in 2021, which will be merged into an album in early 2022. (title TBA). The first recordings have already been made and the final tracks are expected to be recorded in the fall of 2021.