Last Mile Records & publishing is deeply dedicated to everything that rhymes on core!

-We also have a weak spot for nu/modern metal as well as melodic wellwritten metal overall.

The label is run out of the South of Sealand, Naestved, Denmark, by core and metal-veteran Jimmy Nielsen in cooperation with Denmark’s power house Target Group.

At Last Mile Records, our goal is to find and work with some of the best metal acts, both Danish and international, and ensure that the artists feel safe and listened to along the way. Together, we find the path we need to take and create an overall strategy that the artists can also vouch for.

We have a large network and strive to find exactly the segment that best suits the individual band.

Integrity and credibility are key words at Last Mile Records and we would rather work closely with a few artists, than fill the barn with a lot of bands we are not present to. At Last Mile Records, we believe in "less is more" as long as there is quality and authenticity in our releases and it is important to us, that the bands feel they are in good hands and well taken care of throughout the journey.



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Danish Sludgemetal/Stonerrock band KADAVERMARCH.

Five people - all with roots in the Danish underground scene in bands such as Illdisposed, Crocell, Czar, Helhorse, Tudsegammelt og Total Heels – met up for the first time in the summer of 2019 to wallow in their desire to play stoner, desert rock and heavy metal and has since then developed their sound to just the right blend of the above mentioned to satisfy their riff-needy souls.

Now together on stage. The beat is heavy. Guitars, drums, bas and organ fills the soundscape. The only thing that penetrates the wall of sound are the two lead vocals. From the graveyard to the outskirts of the galaxy, KADAVERMARCH rises with eternal echo, reverberation and pounding guitars to the empty void beyond.


Danish Post-Punk band VIOLENCE!

VIOLENCE is a post-punk/dream-pop band from Copenhagen, that combines the dreamy tones of the ‘80’s and the sound of modern rock music in its biggest format.

At Last Mile Records we´re very proud to have these guys onboard. This is not what you typically would expect from a metal label, butwhen we heard this album, we had no doubt. We HAD to have this band onboard and with their roots deeply grounded in the hardcore scene, prior to their former band WOES, we knew they knew what theywere doing, in this genre change of theirs. First single "Rendezvous ( Not I/We )" drop on the 16/07/2021.



Meet Mark Stoumann. He is the founder of METAL A DAY, the Danish online metalmedia. Besides the magazine, Mark is also a talented photographer and have quite a few concerts and festivals under his belt, both as a photographer and as a organizer & booker. Mark has agreed to be the main booker of LAST MILE RECORDS label bands, and perhaps a few more. We´re very stoked to have Mark onboard and wish him a warm welcome to the Last Mile Records family.

THIRD SIGNING - Danish post-hardcore band HEARTEATER.

With two EPs and the critically acclaimed debut album “A House in Rapture”, Copenhagen Hearteater has eaten its way through the underground, and made a name for itself in the Danish metal scene. The band has become known for their unique take on the post-hardcore genre, and their high-energy live shows that instantly capture audiences.

In collaboration with Last Mile Records, Hearteater is planning to release a series of singles in 2021, which will be merged into an album in early 2022. (title TBA). The first recordings have already been made and the final tracks are expected to be recorded in the fall of 2021.

SECOND SIGNING -Autotuning Danish nu-metallers NATJAGER.

Natjager and their uncompromising use of autotune on a hard metal sound, with catchy hooklines & choruses, hit Denmark for the first time in 2017. Last year, Natjager released their critically acclaimed debut album “Hvordan vi lærte at svæve”. 

When I heard their new material, I was blown away! Last Mile Records instantly agreed on a cooperation.

Natjager's second full-length album is expected to drop late 21 / start 22 and I can’t wait to share first sound & videos in near future!

Jacob Mezin Jessen (Natjager):

We have written about half of the upcoming album which is expected to be released at the end of 2021. The first single will be released soon and we collaborate with the producer Jeppe Andersson (Mø, Scarlet Pleasure + a lot of metal). We have really found each other in the collaboration and agree 100% on how Natjager should sound in 2021.

We had a desire to find a passionate partner who is more in our ballpark. In other words, a label that is more metal than hip hop - this is how we see ourselves. We found it at Jimmy and Last Mile and we are really looking forward to getting out over the hills.

FIRST SIGNING -Copenhagen based hardcoreband ROT AWAY

LAST MILE Records is incredibly proud to present Danish hardcore band ROT AWAY as the first signing. ROT AWAY are currently in the studio to record their first full-length which lands in the summer of 2021 under the Last Mile Records label.

Jonathan Albrechtsen (Rot Away): "We are very proud to have a partner like Last Mile for our first full-length album so early after the birth of Rot Away. DK sleeps on hardcore, and there is a lack of a labels that embraces the genre. We are incredibly happy to be able to keep the HC flag and on a Danish label".











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Mark Stoumann: booking@lastmile.dk


Last Mile Records is allways on the lookout for new hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, grungecore and other core related bands along with a few nu-metal acts.

Last Mile Records would love to hear your music. It is extremely important for us to constantly hear new metal and we are always looking for new artists and bands that we can work with. If you are a band, you are very welcome to send your music, bio, project idea and contact info to:


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Phone: (+45) 411 411 60


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